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حضرت زینب کبریٰ کااہل حرم کے ہمراہ قید ہوکر کوفہ جانا
فاتح شام،حضرت زینب
خطبات حضرت زینب(سلام اللہ علیہا)
صحیفہ ٍوفا ،سفیر ٍ کربلا سیدہ زینب سلام اللہ علیہا
کربلا کے بعد (قسط نمبر 2)
امام زین العابدین کا زندگینامہ
كشته شدن امام حسين (ع) براي بار گناه امّت
شور حسيني
فضيلت عاشورا
حضرت سیدنا علی بن حمزہ بن امام موسیٰ کاظم)شاہ چراغ)
تیر 1392
خرداد 1392
اردیبهشت 1392
فروردین 1392
بهمن 1391
آبان 1391
خرداد 1391
بهمن 1390
تیر 1390
فروردین 1390
بهمن 1389
شهریور 1389
فروردین 1389
تیر 1388
بهمن 1387
خرداد 1387
فروردین 1387
دی 1386
شهریور 1386
تیر 1386
فروردین 1386
آذر 1385
شهریور 1385
خرداد 1384
اسفند 1383
خرداد 1383
بهمن 1382
مهر 1382
شهریور 1381
فروردین 1381
دی 1380
آذر 1380
آبان 1380
مهر 1380
شهریور 1380
مرداد 1380

Muharram (Arabic: المحرّم) is the first month of the Islamic calendar. It is one of the four sacred months of the year.[1] Since the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar, Muharram moves from year to year when compared with the Gregorian calendar.

Muharram is derived from the word haraam, meaning "sinful". It is held to be the most sacred of all the months, excluding Ramadan. Some Muslims fast during these days. The tenth day of Muharram is the Day of Ashura, which to Shia Muslims is part of the Mourning of Muharram.

Azadari procession carried out by Shiite Muslims in Indian city of Hardoi on the Day of Ashura.

Some Muslims fast during this day, because it is recorded in the hadith[citation needed] that Musa (Moses) and his people obtained a victory over the Egyptian Pharaoh on the 10th day of Muharram; accordingly Islamic prophet Muhammad asked Muslims to fast on this day that is Ashura and on a day before that is 9th so that they are not similar to Jews (since, according to him, Jews used to fast for one day due to the same reason, and many practices recorded in the hadith are specifically performed to avoid any apparent similarity to those of contemporary neighbouring Jews and Christians).

Fasting differs among the Muslim groupings; mainstream Shia Muslims stop eating and drinking during sunlight hours and do not eat until late afternoon. Sunni Muslims also fast during Muharram for the first ten days of Muharram, or just the tenth day, or on both the ninth and tenth days; the exact term depending on the individual. Shia Muslims do so to replicate the sufferings of Hussein ibn Ali onthe Day of Ashura.

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